Exercising in Pregnancy benefits you and your Baby

There are many physical benefits for those who take part in personal training sessions during pregnancy. It is known that expectant mothers are less likely to have a C-section if they have enjoyed moderate exercise throughout their nine months of carrying a baby. This is because women who are fit and healthy often avoid complications such as gestational diabetes or high blood pressure which can both result in the need for a Caesarean.

Of course, there are varying reports on the types of exercise that are safe during pregnancy. Therefore, it is vital that moms-to-be receive expert guidance from a professional such as a personal trainer to ensure that the body is not put under any undue amount of stress during a workout. A trainer will work with you to develop an exercise schedule that is realistic and safe for yourself and your baby both during pregnancy and after birth. Check out this guide to the benefits of exercising in pregnancy for further information on exactly why working out whilst expecting can be good for both mother and child.


Jess Walter

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